The Best Pizza in Easton, Guaranteed
We work hard to make every slice of pizza our best slice of pizza.

Crafting the Perfect Pizza
At Sicily’s II, we’re so devoted to making great pizza that we’ve got it down to an art. From the pizza crust to the toppings, every step of the process is lovingly handled by an expert. Here’s an idea of what goes on when we make your pizza:

First we prepare the dough, flatten it and round it out to be ready for the pizza crust. Next we spread some of our lovely sauce onto the dough to give it that nice tomato flavor and keep the crust from drying out. Finally, the cheese and toppings are generously spread on your pizza to add a touch of other flavors to keep you satisfied.

Delicious Pizza Delivery
Order online from our website and have your pizza delivered straight to your door! Ignore all of the other delivery restaurants in Easton for now, we know you’re feeling like pizza tonight.